In a tight market like the one we’re experiencing, mitigating risk while identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within your portfolio is crucial. With Portfolio MonitoringX from Xactus, you will be better positioned to take advantage of circumstances that can work in your favor by quickly responding to your customers’ changing credit needs. Monitor your portfolio to:

    • Identify needs-based borrowers within your portfolio who are in market for a new loan and have applied for credit
    • Identify life event-based triggers such as customers and/or prospects within your portfolio who have listed their home for sale on MLS
    • Retain your business, cross-sell product and avoid EPO (Early Pay Off) penalties
    • Track changes in borrowers’ payment behaviors or those who are taking on more debt by following spending patterns and credit utilization trends

Obtain a free, 30-day look back to see which mortgage credit alerts you would have received during that time period. We can also identify how many consumers within your database are ripe for a cash-out or HELOC based on their current debt load & equity. Just contact your strategic account manager to get started. Or click here to learn more.

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