Fraud Detection & Quality Control

Xactus’ fraud detection and QC solutions help reduce risk so you can make more confident lending decisions

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Enhance Profitability by Detecting Fraud & Ensuring QC More Efficiently

Reported mortgage fraud is on the rise. At Xactus, we’ve made an unrivaled commitment to protect your business and reputation through our fraud detection and quality control tools.

Mortgage lenders use our digital, multi-dimensional mortgage fraud detection services to:


  • Identify potential fraud/theft
  • Uncover income and employment fabrication
  • Find undisclosed debt
  • Validate owner occupancy
  • Establish associated persons
  • Assess flip risks
  • Review property valuation examinations
  • Analyze mortgage participant reviews

Validate information & identify applicant risk


Fraud ReportX, Xactus’ award-winning proprietary fraud risk detection platform, helps identify risk, fraud, and errors so you can feel comfortable with your lending decisions. Our one-stop validation process makes it easy for you to:

  • Quickly validate data
  • Perform thorough risk assessments
  • Detect application problems early
  • Reduce the risk of mortgage fraud

Identify & capture loan deficiencies throughout the loan process


Our robust technology allows mortgage quality control checks to be incorporated into workflows at various stages of the loan process. In addition, use Fraud ReportX to perform audits and portfolio reviews after loans are funded.

Close with confidence


QC ReviewX from Xactus helps automate your pre-close workflow by digitally taking each loan through a series of validations and quality control steps to ensure compliance. You’ll receive a report detailing how the loan checked out and potential loan risks or problems, quickly identifying areas that may need further review.

Once a loan has been funded and closed, QC ReviewX performs comprehensive audits by combining data-rich automation technologies and manual reviews on loan portfolios you own or are looking to purchase. These reviews use proprietary technology to verify data and compare loan documents, for inconsistencies, omissions, and compliance thresholds.

Xactus’ data-driven quality control digital technology includes:

  • Professional guidance (workflows, policies, and procedures)
  • Document processing automation
  • Audits performed by industry experts combined with advanced machine learning and data extraction technologies
  • Rules-based automation
  • Flags areas that need to be re-checked
  • Transparent processes
  • Quick turn times
  • Real-time reporting that is customizable and easy to read
  • HMDA LAR Reporting
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