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Xactus Data Solutions deliver more meaningful insights that uncover opportunities and boost your success

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Build a Modern Mortgage Experience with the Right Data Solutions

Dig deeper into the data with the tools you need to retain your portfolio, grow your business and analyze what happened with lost opportunities. Proactive customer engagement is key to protecting your loan portfolio; retain business with up-to-the-minute data.

Receive timely mortgage inquiry alerts to proactively retain loan portfolios


Xactus’ Portfolio MonitoringX electronically notifies you about your customers’ credit activities, enabling you to quickly respond to your customers’ changing credit needs and retain valuable customers. As a crucial part of your loan tracking system, Portfolio MonitoringX solution can:

  • Help guard your profits and loans
  • Mitigate portfolio run-off
  • Enhance your credit decisioning based on key account data
  • Monitor delinquencies
  • Choose between single bureau or tri-bureau monitoring
  • Receive alerts in real-time or within 24-hours

Ensure complete regulatory compliance and accurate portfolio risk analysis

Our Portfolio Batch Updates allow you to obtain current credit, property & public record data on your loan servicing portfolio. They include key credit appends that offer a more complete picture of your consumers’ overall credit standing, lien position & current loan to value. We use multiple data sources to ensure the best resource & cost options for each custom project. And we provide optimum loan-level insight for portfolio management and valuation while identifying additional opportunities within your portfolio.

Obtain high-quality, targeted mortgage leads that get results

Xactus’ Pre-Screened LeadX utilizes cutting-edge data acquisition technology that allows you to identify and engage with new prospects quickly, by providing access to credit, demographic and mortgage data on hundreds of millions of consumers. Our data acquisition tools are delivered through various technology platforms, yielding favorable response rates for users.

Better assess pipeline fallout & improve closing rates

Xactus Lost Mortgage AnalysisX helps you benchmark your performance and better understand where your borrowers went when the loan is paid off allowing you to adjust your retention strategies. It offers clearer visibility into your portfolio by identifying when a borrower:

  • Keeps their home and pays off their mortgage
  • Keeps their home and refinances with another lender
  • Sells and finances a new home with another lender
  • Sells and does not buy a replacement home

Xactus’ Lost Leads AnalysisX enables you to monitor lost lead behavior by delivering an exhaustive breakdown of lead outcomes. You’ll gain access to comprehensive details on all recently closed loans, enabling you to pinpoint the competitive pressures that impacted your business growth. Additionally, by identifying which consumers remain in the market, you can strategically re-engage with them to enhance your outreach efforts.

The insights derived from data hold the key to your loan closing success. Click here to find out how to put our data solutions to work for you.
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