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At Xactus, we are dedicated to providing unmatched customer service.

Consumer Disputes

If you are a consumer looking to dispute an item reporting on your credit report, click HERE.

If you are a Xactus customer seeking assistance, please select from the following options:

Customer Service

Credit reports, supplements, lien and judgements, etc.

[email protected]
Xactus360: 800.243.0120 x 2000
Legacy: 800.258.3488 x 1411

Score Analytics

Xcel ScoreX/Lending Hand, scoring tools

[email protected]
800.258.3488 x 1374

Tax TranscriptX

Status updates and assistance with tax transcripts/4506-C

[email protected]
Xactus360: 800.243.0120 x 7212
Legacy: 800.258.3488 x 1274

Social Security NotificationX

Status updates and assistance with SSN notifications/SSA89

[email protected]
Xactus360: 800.243.0120 x 1409
Legacy: 800.258.3488 x 1274

Technical Support

Login, password reset, browser issues, reissues

[email protected]
Xactus360: 800.243.0120 x 1401
Legacy: 800.258.3488 x 1401

Advocacy Team

Product support, resolution support, report format changes, client training and onboarding

[email protected]
Xactus360: 800.243.0120 x 1405
Legacy: 800.258.3488 x 1405

Billing & Invoicing

Monthly invoices and payments

[email protected]
Xactus360: 800.243.0120 x 1403
Legacy: 800.258.3488 x 1403


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