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Xactus’ property appraisal and flood zone solutions allow you to quickly and efficiently manage risk

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Enhance Profitability with Accurate Appraisals & Real-time Property Insights

With Xactus property solutions, you can manage and track appraisals, obtain fast and accurate property estimates, manage your own appraisal process, and access real-time flood zone reports, so you can make more confident lending decisions.

An automated way to manage & track appraisals


Xactus Appraisal Management Company provides an automated way for lenders to manage and track appraisal orders while meeting compliance requirements. Our suite of products enables you to customize the appraisal plan that’s right for your lending team and provides peace of mind knowing your appraisers are operating with full independence.

Receive fast & accurate property valuations


Our Valuation ModelX (VMx) offers the latest real estate data and valuation technologies to provide accurate property valuation estimates. Our cascade option automatically obtains the most accurate VM in your geographic area, enabling you to maximize your hit rates.

Accurately assess flood risk


Lenders and insurance providers face complex flood-related regulations. Xactus Flood Solutions is here to provide massively easy, high quality, fully compliant services to meet these challenges. Our Flood ReportsX meet and go beyond the regulatory requirements to provide valuable flood risk information to help you protect your investments from the costliest natural hazard. Our solutions include:

  • Basic, Life of Loan, and Special Property determinations
  • Elevation Certificates and LOMA processing
  • Automated Replacement Cost Value estimates
  • FloodRisk reports with elevation and scoring
  • HMDA Census Tract data

Easily manage your own appraisal process


Financial organizations can administer their own appraisal process through Appraisal FirewallX, a Xactus subsidiary. Our online, secure appraisal platform can improve your processing efficiency and speed up your loan origination. Lenders can also interact directly with their trusted, local appraisers and Appraisal Management Companies. Appraisal FirewallX helps lenders comply with appraisal regulations while accelerating loan production and underwriting.

*Appraisal FirewallX is not an Appraisal Management Company.

Our real-time property valuation solutions enable you to:

  • Manage your own appraisal process
  • Work with your own, trusted appraisers in a compliant manner
  • Configure valuation monitoring tools to your workflow
  • Comply with regulations

Obtain real-time property insights


VerisiteX is an innovative mobile solution that utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide interior/exterior photo and video inspection property reports within minutes as well as collateral valuation data – which reduces costs and improves workflows. Homeowners, borrowers, appraisers, inspectors, real estate agents, and other property data gatherers can take and submit property pictures, videos and data. Then VerisiteX combines the current data with historical property data to provide comprehensive property inspections for faster lending decisions.

Modernize your appraisal review process and ensure accuracy

Appraisal ScorecardX utilizes advanced technology to review your appraisals before underwriting to catch any issues with appraisal completeness, subject property data, comparable sales, regulatory, mortgage insurer and investment requirements. It enhances your quality assurance while reducing your risk.

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