Continuing to Revolve Around You

We are constantly updating the next generation of Xactus360, our proprietary verifications technology platform designed for mortgage professionals by mortgage professionals. By combining best practices, a wealth of mortgage experience, and customer input, Xactus360 delivers an intuitive user experience unlike any other.

Xactus’ mission is to advance the modern mortgage and we are accomplishing that with our next gen platform that revolves around you. Xactus360 is delivering some key differentiators that are streamlining workflows and speeding up turn times.

  • ezLOE (Letter of Explanation) – We are the first in the industry to streamline the Letter of Explanation process. Xactus360 enables you to contact consumers for LOEs via text, email, or both – and it enables consumers to securely submit required explanations online. When completed, it delivers a secure, e-signed document back to Xactus360. A process that used to take days – even weeks – can now be accomplished in seconds!
  • Flood Solutions: The recent integration of Flood ReportsX enables you to accurately assess flood risk and protect your investments. Read this article to learn more about our no close, no pay Flood Zone Determinations.
  • Billing Enhancements – The platform features a configurable Closed Loan Bundle – set up to trigger off any product available in Xactus360, as well as easily customizable invoices that display pending charges as they occur.
  • In-Platform Communication – Quickly and efficiently ask a question to the Xactus team directly on the credit file screen or on any open service request. In addition, Xactus360 captures and logs conversations in the files, so anyone accessing the file may check status and recent updates, improving workflow.
  • Improved Efficiencies – When you order supplements, you can obtain creditor-specific requirements that may be needed so you can properly communicate them to your borrower and expedite overall turn times. In addition, admin jr. permissions are permitted to free up senior leadership’s time with every-day tasks (i.e., unlocking and resetting operators, etc.).

A true revolution is mortgage verification is here. Experience it today. Contact your strategic account manager or email [email protected] for a demo. To learn more, click here.


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