At Xactus, we understand that in today’s tight market, every dollar counts. That’s why we offer flood zone determinations that you only pay for if the loan closes.

But that’s not the only differentiator. Xactus Flood ReportX services are:

  • Fast – In fact, they are delivered in seconds. And if you require a manual review because of new construction, close call or another circumstance, our standard delivery is less than four hours – which equates to fewer rush fees for you!
  • Dependable – We regularly distribute our FEMA Map change report which details potential flood changes months before the FEMA maps are finalized. That means with Flood ReportX, you can rest assured you’ll stay up to date regarding a property’s flood designation.
  • Accurate – Our self-built flood determination technology assesses risk at the building level using a national database of digitized building boundaries. FEMA database updates are available in our system daily. And our accuracy rate is over 99.9%.
Xactus flood solutions include:
  • Free HMDA reports
  • Free Seismic reports
  • One-click disputes
Turn to the Flood Authority

Flood maps are unique, therefore, deciding who pays for flood insurance and who doesn’t requires the right experience. Xactus has a deep bench and is uniquely capable of providing expert, responsive support via our in-house, domestic staff. We can even review your portfolio and offer easy, no-cost servicing transfers.

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