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Download previously recorded webinars and learn more about the timely topics in the industry and our system. Watch on your own time. Please note, you will need to contact the Advocacy Team ( [email protected] ) to obtain a password to access the webinar you would like to view.

Consumer-Centric Lending: Strategies to Delay and Detect Trigger Leads

04/04/2024 - Mortgage triggers continue to garner much attention across the industry. After all, lenders work hard to generate leads and fill pipelines. It’s important to note that Xactus does not proactively sell triggers. Rather, we work with our clients to develop defensive trigger strategies that yield a better consumer experience. This webinar features our data experts and addresses common questions we regularly receive on this issue.

Empowering Flood Risk Assessment Efficiency with the Encompass Partner Connect™ Integration

03/06/2024 - Xactus recently integrated their flood zone determinations on the Encompass Partner Connect API Platform. Join us for our webinar where we’ll teach you about the benefits of our flood zone determinations and how this integration can help make your operations more efficient. Plus, we’ll explore our “no close, no pay” offer, meaning if your loan doesn’t close, you won't be charged for our flood report.

Understanding the New Softpull Credit Standards

02/15/2024 - Credit bureaus are tightening the process around soft credit pulls. Because of this, Xactus made changes to our Pre-QualificationX reports. We also rolled out Pre-AppX to help you improve your pre-approval reviews. But what is Pre-AppX exactly? And why should lenders use it? This webinar features our credit experts and is designed to address frequently asked questions about Pre-AppX and how it can help you better protect your pipeline.

Advancing Innovation with the Next Generation of Xactus360 - Part 2

10/11/2023 - Delve into the cutting-edge realm of our proprietary platform Xactus360 – showcasing its innovative technology centered around your needs. In this era of relentless digital transformation, where every loan holds paramount significance, efficiency and adaptability are indispensable. At Xactus, our mission is laser-focused on propelling the mortgage industry into the modern age.

Advancing Innovation with the Next Generation of Xactus360 - Part1

08/23/2023 - The next generation of Xactus360 is here. It’s been configured to advance every aspect of your mortgage business. Xactus360 will help you rethink workflows, create efficiencies and streamline processes – while delivering an intuitive user experience unlike any other. Best of all, the technology platform revolves around you and your needs. It’s just another way Xactus is advancing the modern mortgage.

Navigating the Spring 2023 Mortgage Market: Insights and Strategies

05/18/2023 - It’s a dynamic market and this spring, every loan counts. Xactus has gathered members of its C-Suite to participate in a panel discussion about hot topics and trends in the industry – where we’re headed, upcoming changes, and ways you can be more efficient and profitable for the rest of this year.

The Changes in Medical Debt Reporting and Its Impact on Credit Scores

03/08/2023 - Learn how the July 1, 2022 bureau changes are impacting medical collection reporting and why the bureaus are changing how medical debt is reported. We review how this change may impact mortgage credit scores, how to use this information to assist your applicants and what additional changes are coming in 2023.

What’s Trending in 2023? How to Create Efficiencies and Optimize Workflows

01/25/2023 - There is a lot to watch in 2023 – it is a dynamic market where every loan counts. Xactus has put together a panel of some of our product experts to discuss this year’s upcoming changes and emerging trends, where the industry is headed, and ways to save on credit pulls and other verifications.

Appraisal Firewall Cost and Time Savings Features

09/08/2022 - Are you losing money on uncollected credit report fees or CondoPak fees because of loans falling out? Do you have branches that repeatedly fail to collect appraisal payments? In today’s slower market, you need to ensure all your appraisal fees are collected and operating expenses are streamlined. Learn how Appraisal Firewall, a Xactus subsidiary, offers lenders the ability to create and customize appraisal products and workflows to support a broader suite of lending products.

How Verisite Mobile Valuation Solutions Can Support Your Equity Business

06/14/2022 - Find out how to strengthen your open and closed-end equity lending process with Verisite – a faster, more accurate, and less expensive property inspection solution that provides valuation reports complete with interior, exterior photos, and videos in a matter of minutes instead of days.
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