Live Training Sessions

Our free online classes can be accessed by Xactus customers live each day or scheduled via appointment. We even offer customized training sessions by request.

Xactus360 Features 101

This class is for Processors, Loan Officers and Underwriters. In it we share best practices and review our services including how to retrieve the total cost for borrower and how to request important verifications such as supplements and rescores.

Welcome to Xactus for Administrators

Get an overview of the innovative tools and time-saving services that are available to administrators including how to set up users and access reports.

Master the Power of Credit Xpert’s Wayfinder and What-If Simulator Tools

This course reviews how to use popular credit score optimization tools such as CreditXpert's Wayfinder and What-If Simulator. You’ll learn how to help your customers and the advantages of using these important tools.

How to Order a Rescore Online

Participants will learn how to order rescores through Xactus360.

Breaking Down a Credit File

This session breaks down a credit file and reviews the different report sections as well as possible credit bureau errors and how to resolve them.

How to Order a Xcel ScoreX

Learn how to order Xcel ScoreX to obtain fastest path to their desired target mid-score.

Xactus U has partnered with Mortgage Educators

Through Mortgage Educators, we offer online Mortgage Loan Originator education and training classes that will help bring you up to date on new mortgage regulations and help you fulfill licensing requirements. Courses include Pre-Licensure SAFE online instructor-led course, 8-hour self-study continuing education, Uniform state test and preparation, Anti-Money Laundering training and more. State-licensed mortgage loan originators must complete eight hours annually. Register for your continuing education courses through Xactus and receive a discount.
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