Now private money lenders can know more about their borrowers faster

Salisbury, MD, June 17, 2021 – Credit Plus, a leading provider of mortgage verifications, business credit reports, business owner reports and a complete ecosystem of business intelligence data, today announced it has expanded its integration with Liquid Logics to now include soft credit inquiries.

In addition to hard credit pulls, private lenders can now choose to pull only a soft inquiry on their applicants for business purposes ─ and they can do so with a simple click of a button. The benefit of a soft inquiry is that it does not impact the applicant’s personal credit.

About Liquid Logics

Liquid Logics is a FinTech company providing next-generation, cloud-based, lending-centric CRM, Loan Origination Software (LOS), doc engine, loan servicing, draw and construction management, asset & REO management, investor management, and fund pool management primarily for private/hard money lenders. The system is built around the borrower experience with an emphasis on simplicity and speed for the Loan Officer.

Liquid Logics is passionate about helping private lenders improve their businesses by streamlining the loan process. Liquid Logics strives to make its software the best in the industry for all users, including borrowers, outside investors, and lender employees.

Although loan origination software is its bread and butter, it only describes something that Liquid Logics does – not who Liquid Logics is.  At its core,  Liquid Logics is a business solutions company dedicated to facilitating growth, minimizing workloads, and contributing to the continued success of private lenders across the country.

About Credit Plus, Inc.

Credit Plus is a leading provider of business owner and business credit reports and a complete ecosystem of business intelligence data that commercial and private money lenders need to reduce risk and improve financial performance. Its business credit report data is verified so lenders can be confident that the data they receive is accurate. Credit Plus doesn’t require annual business credit report contracts and it supports its customers with a dedicated, local team.

Credit Plus is also a provider of verification services that give mortgage professionals greater confidence when making lending decisions. With the Credit Plus Collection, its comprehensive suite of verification services from pre-application to post-close, lenders can successfully close more loans and better manage their risk. Credit Plus’ expertise in the mortgage industry enables it to quickly assess current and future needs and provide new solutions for a rapidly changing environment.

The company’s mission is to provide the intelligent insight that is necessary for commercial, private money and mortgage lenders to make more informed lending and credit decisions.

For more information, call Credit Plus at (800) 258-3488, e-mail [email protected] or visit

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