Now private money and commercial lenders can know more about their borrowers faster

Salisbury, MD, April 9, 2021 – Credit Plus, a leading provider of business credit reports and a complete ecosystem of business intelligence data, today announced it has integrated with LendingWise, a LOS software platform that serves the commercial lending and private money lending industries. Integrated with the leading residential lending loan origination platforms, Credit Plus now moves into the commercial and private money lending spaces with this new integration.

“In today’s market, efficiency is everything and this new integration makes it much easier for lenders using the LendingWise platform to get new deals into their pipeline faster,” said Greg Holmes, President and CEO of Credit Plus. “We are pleased to have LendingWise as our premiere commercial and private money lending integration. The company has an excellent reputation in the space, and we are proud to provide additional value to the lenders it serves. Furthermore, we’re excited to more easily serve this crucial industry which is a major focus of our continued growth.”

The new integration enables commercial and private money loan officers that are using LendingWise to streamline their processes and obtain a business owner’s credit report from Credit Plus without leaving the LendingWise platform.

About Credit Plus, Inc.

Credit Plus is a leading provider of business owner and business credit reports and a complete ecosystem of business intelligence data that commercial and private money lenders need to reduce risk and improve financial performance. Its mission is to provide the intelligent insight that is necessary to make more informed lending and credit decisions.

Its business credit report data is verified so lenders can be confident that the data they receive is accurate. Credit Plus doesn’t require annual business credit report contracts and it supports its customers with a dedicated, local team.

For more information, call Credit Plus at (800) 258-3488, e-mail [email protected] or visit


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