Streamlines Workflows, Creates Efficiencies with Single Login to Access Mortgage Credit and Pre-Qualification Reports

Xactus360 is an innovative, easy-to-use technology platform designed for mortgage professionals by mortgage professionals. By combining best practices, a wealth of mortgage experience, and customer input, Xactus360 delivers an intuitive user experience unlike any other. The innovative, proprietary platform offers more APIs, better workflows, enhanced automation, and greater efficiencies which, together, gives you easy access to revolutionary mortgage intelligence. Best of all, the technology revolves around you and your needs. It’s just another way Xactus is advancing the modern mortgage.

Our customers are especially excited about the platform’s single login that allows them to quickly access Mortgage Credit and Pre-Qualification reports. Clients may also select criteria based on scores or multiple delinquency factors in order to stop or upgrade a credit pull for greater cost savings and more streamlined workflows. Xactus360 empowers YOU to:

Work more efficiently with:

  • 1-click access to sample files for training, testing and readiness purposes and you are never billed for testing
  • Self-service features to unlock logins and reset passwords
  • Real-time invoices that are easy to understand and even display pending charges
  • Customizable account invoices with advanced management reports
  • Easy access to Total Cost for Borrower invoices that can automatically pull all products associated with the SSN or Loan # and return to your LOS with the credit pull or be complied on our website for further customization
  • Users who move between accounts within your company can keep their same login and be moved with up to 120 days of files without changing the file number.

Easily compare reports throughout the loan process

Xactus360 streamlines the process of comparing borrowers’ credit reports by allowing all types of reports for the same borrower to be compared, making change identification easy. There’s even an option to view one borrower on joint reports.

Shorten turn times for supplements & score optimization requests

Xactus360 provides detailed, creditor-specific information during the ordering process that may be needed to complete your request. This streamlines your supplement and rescore processes and ensures you can properly communicate to your borrowers the required information up front, increasing consumer satisfaction with the loan process.

Plus, anyone accessing the file may check the status and recent updates, improving the workflow.

Score optimization tools have also been enhanced to allow for ease of navigation between bureaus, providing all necessary information on one screen.

Customize outputs to minimize change for your team

Our platform offers unparalleled customization, revolving around your unique operation needs and requirements. Account-level customization ensures an accurate, consistent report and also allows per file view customization for anyone who is viewing the file based on what is most important to their function.

We also make the loan process easy by providing consumer-permissioned credit pulls for Pre-Qualification through Qualify Me NowX and Mortgage Credit through Start My ApplicationX .

Set advanced user access controls

Xactus360 provides granular user level control by allowing many “junior admins” functions, taking the burden off senior members of your team. Users may be set up to view full groups, branches, or just specific users, ensuring everyone only has access to the loans they need.

Improve automation with leading APIs

With our cutting-edge technology and leading APIs, you can expect increased automation and a better user experience. We have connections with numerous interfaces and have incorporated key Xactus internal integrations such as AppraisalX.

We’re confident you’ll truly enjoy the Xactus360 user experience and realize tremendous benefits from the upgrade. Look for much more information (training, webinars, etc.) to come. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]

Watch this short video about the next generation of Xactus360

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