Make your verifications more productive in 2023

Thanks to inflation, costs are rising everywhere – groceries, clothing, utilities, restaurants, etc. – and the verifications industry is not immune. We recognize how this is impacting our customers because, frankly, we’re feeling it ourselves. And we can reduce this impact by evaluating your workflows to ensure they are as efficient as possible.

For example, Xactus is advancing the modern mortgage by helping you save money when you obtain these verification products from us:

  1. Prequalify consumers with Pre-QualificationsX, a 1, 2, or 3 bureau soft pull. Pre-QualificationsX also allow you to protect your leads and prevent consumers’ FICO® scores from being negatively impacted.
  2. Order a Single Bureau Credit Report – set your criteria – if your applicant meets it, then cascade to two or three bureaus.
  3. Stop ordering refresh reports before closing – order Undisclosed Debt VerificationsX You’ll reduce credit costs and eliminate any last minute surprises. Get real-time monitoring of consumers’ credit activity, from the initial credit file pull through loan closing.
  4. Obtain automated VOE/Is with our Income/Employment VerificationsX. For more information about this time and money-saving product, check out this article, “Are you ordering VOE’Is too early in the process?”

Let Xactus help you operate more productively and efficiently throughout the new year. For more information, contact your strategic account manager.

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