Obtain immediate access to employer records

At Xactus we are all about advancing the modern mortgage. And our new VOE/I “waterfall experience” makes the process much more efficient for you by casting an even wider net when validating employment and income. Here’s how it works…

Automated verification – Check employment and income more comprehensively through Xactus’ direct integrations with:

  1. The Work Number®: A solution offered through Equifax Workforce Solutions*, and the largest collection of payroll records contributed directly by employers.
  2. JUST ADDED – Experian Verify™: Our newest validation resource is powered by the most current data available and delivers employment and income verification data directly from trusted payroll sources in real-time.

Plus, the workflow is fully customizable and can be programmed to cascade, meaning if the employer/income isn’t available in one instant database, another one can be checked.

Manual verification – If an applicant’s employment or income information isn’t available in our online databases, there’s no need to worry – we offer a complete solution and can perform a manual verification then. Our team follows a uniform, auditable process that ensures you get data you can trust.

Close more loans more quickly

Xactus brings a workflow-centric approach to verification to help our clients automate and integrate what were previously labor-intensive processes. Our Instant VOE/I Waterfall experience is a good example of this. With API integration being implemented across the mortgage software ecosystem and responsive service that lets you resolve complex problems quickly, Xactus enables lenders to close more loans more quickly.

*Equifax Workforce Solutions is a business unit of Equifax Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. Xactus is an authorized reseller of products and services provided through Equifax. The Work Number® is a registered trademark of TALX Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equifax Inc.

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