Rapid Updates: Special Instructions
for American Express® (AMEX) Accounts

Before submitting a request to the credit repositories for an update to an American Express account, Xactus must first have a Credit Verification Release Form. AMEX provides this form to the consumer upon request.

This form will contain the consumer’s actual account number, which Xactus will then use to update the credit report. Consumers can contact American Express to request this form by calling 800-874-2717.

Why can’t Xactus use the account number that is on the credit report?

The account number that you see on the credit report is not the true American Express account number. American Express requires that the full account number be completely masked on the credit report. The only way to get the true account number for update purposes is to have the consumer request the Credit Verification Release Form from AMEX by calling 800-874-2717.

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