Are you taking advantage of all the verification and data services Xactus provides? By working with a single source, you stand to benefit from increased savings and greater efficiencies. How?

By partnering with us for all your data needs, you only need to vet one provider – which means less work for you. Plus, you can often bundle our services and save money!

Whether you’ve been working with Xactus for a long time or are a new client – you may not be aware of all of the verifications/data we have to offer:

  • Xactus360 – Experience our robust technology that revolves around you and features verifications that cover the entire mortgage matrix
  • Credit – Pre-approve and qualify consumers efficiently
    • Pre-AppX
    • Pre-QualificationX
    • Credit ReportX
  • Verifications – Validate consumer information quickly and easily
    • Employment VerificationX/Income VerificationX
    • Asset VerificationX
    • Tax TranscriptX
    • Undisclosed Debt VerificationX
    • Social Security VerificationX
  • Fraud ReportX – Identify applicant risk
  • QC ReviewX – Detect and capture loan deficiencies from pre-close to post close
  • Property Valuations – Receive fast, accurate property valuations and assess flood risk
    • AppraisalX
    • Valuation ModelX
    • Flood ReportX
    • Appraisal FirewallX
    • VerisiteX
    • Appraisal ScorecardX
  • Flood ReportX – Stay compliant, receive multiple value-add features, and take advantage of our no close, no pay offer
  • Data Solutions – Uncover opportunities and boost your pipelines


Everything We Do Revolves Around You

In addition to our verification solutions, you can benefit from partnering with a leading provider with a true fintech focus. Our lender customers enjoy access to:

  1. Our seasoned team of mortgage experts and fintech specialists
  2. Innovative proprietary technology, Xactus360, that streamlines workflows and creates greater efficiencies
  3. Advisory excellence that guides and nurtures our client relationships

Contact your strategic account manager for more information.

Take full advantage of your relationship with us because it’s all here at Xactus, your single source for success!

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