Streamline your HMDA Compliance with Xactus

With the HMDA submission deadline quickly approaching on March 1st, time is of the essence! It’s crucial to act swiftly to meet compliance requirements. Even if you originate just 25 closed-end loans annually, HMDA reporting to the CFPB is mandatory for ALL mortgage applications – not just the closed ones.

Let Xactus streamline your HMDA data testing and LAR reporting. Our solutions effortlessly:

  • Ingest HMDA data from your LOS
  • Perform data validation
  • Identify any inaccuracies

You can then use our intuitive interface to make necessary corrections before submitting to the CFPB. The best part? Our cost-effective pricing includes a low annual subscription fee and a per-record charge, ensuring you only pay for the data you use.

Eager to learn more? Schedule a meeting with our HMDA expert and Quality Control Risk Manager, Griff Durham:

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