Are you tired of being limited to only the tax transcript data that the 4506-C provides? How often does the IRS reject your 4506-C Form? Almost one in three are rejected for minor errors! Finally see what the IRS sees with TaxStatus data feeds.

Xactus knew there had to be a better way, so we sought a partner that takes a modern approach to tax return verifications – TaxStatus, a leading provider of official tax data and IRS account monitoring. Now we offer up-to-the-minute IRS data feeds through TaxStatus and we’re the only mortgage verifications provider to do so. This innovative service reduces the time it takes to access and utilize IRS data by 70-90%! 

  • Tax ID Verification
  • Official income, historical trends, and other critical financial data points direct from the IRS
  • Obtain real-time tax information on your customers in a secure, common format once they opt in
  • Access up to 10 years of historical IRS data on any SSN or EIN
  • Receive continuous alerts for new filings, liens, levies, audits, transcript updates and account status changes – audit, compliance, collection

This new solution is just another example of how Xactus is advancing the modern mortgage – and how we’re innovating to serve you better each and every day.

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