As you likely have heard, UniversalCIS | Credit Plus has been rebranded to Xactus. We’re very excited about our new beginning and the phenomenal future that lies ahead for us, the clients we serve, and the mortgage industry.

We embarked on this rebranding initiative to make it clear to existing and new customers, and the market-at-large, that we are innovators with the size, scale, and experience to lead this market – and to articulate our unique approach to transforming our industry by embracing technology and showcasing our unrivaled customer service.

Xactus is a made-up word that stands apart in our industry. The name speaks to our focus on being precise and accurate as these qualities are essential for the companies we work with. Within the name itself, there are several, “found words” with important meanings:

  • Xactus is inspired by the word “exact”, which represents our commitment to data precision and accuracy
  • “act” is a nod to the deliberate, proactive approach we are taking to transform our industry
  • “us” is for our team of experts who will drive our industry-innovation
  • “X” as a letter, is a symbol of strength, accuracy, and connectivity

Our new logo has meaning as well. The “double X” symbol on the right side of our name symbolizes our partnerships – with each other, with our clients, and with our partners. It also references the preciseness of our verification work, as we will check and recheck to ensure our work is accurate. The symbol has strength as the four diagonal lines interweave, creating a positive and supporting symbol when combined with our name.

Don’t worry – there are no operational changes

In terms of how you engage with us, rest assured, that nothing is changing in the short term.

  • Your logins remain the same
  • Your account team remains the same
  • The credit report format remains the same (you will notice that “Xactus” has been added to the report along with the legacy brand name)
  • Billing remains the same
  • All contracts in place remain unchanged
  • All phone numbers remain the same, but please note that we are introducing new 4-digit extensions as part of our phone system upgrade
  • Our email addresses changed mid-March to However, the old email address will continue to work in perpetuity

In addition, general references to the legacy brand that you work with will remain as well, with a “by Xactus” addition. Our market-leading legacy brands include Credit Plus, Universal Credit, CIS Credit, DataFacts Lending Solutions, and Avantus.

An unrivaled commitment to your success

Xactus is committed to the success of our clients at every stage, from how we innovate and solve client challenges, to the robustness and reliability of our technology, to our dedicated 700+-person customer service team that works as one with clients to enhance their businesses. Working as a partner committed to your success, we help you navigate a fast-changing, fast-digitizing world.

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