Loan quality is more important than ever right now. That’s why you should consider using Xactus’ Quality Assurance and Control solutions.

Xactus’ QC ReviewX is comprised of multi-dimensional loan data and document reviews that identify and measure systemic and operational risk across client portfolios. We can review one loan file or thousands to identify potential underwriting errors, variances and compliance threats that may warrant remedies. Our solutions are tailored to align with identifying potential risk during the lifecycle of application processing from pre-funding to post-closing.

Xactus utilizes innovative technology that leverages automated data extraction and image indexing through optical document and character recognition, easily allowing for digital presentation and storage of your loan files. You’ll save time by quickly locating data and correlating documentation to research errors or variances found during the audit process.

  • Create efficiencies with fast turn times of loan reviews – We layer automated pass/fail results by integrating standard and customized business rules that map to any loan type or program.
  • Gain confidence through independent loan risk assessments – Our loan reviews enable you to make informed decisions under critical timelines. Xactus combines digital loan reviews with expert underwriting professionals, experienced in all aspects of investor guidelines, even when they are proprietary.
  • Integrate QC ReviewX with your risk management policies – Our comprehensive suite of review programs integrates analytics, advisory, quality control and forensic review solutions to help you identify and screen potential credit risk at a granular level as well as pinpoint compliance-related issues placing your business at risk.

Xactus’ QC Products and Services

  • Pre-Closing Services: QC ReviewX quickly identifies problem areas, underwriting eligibility risks and process mistakes. Within 48 hours, you will know what needs to be corrected prior to closing.
  • Pre-Closing Services (Insured): Take your pre-closing audits to the next level with our insured audit services which offer the same professional reviews with underwriting reps and warranties.
  • Advisory Review Services: Proactively assess risk associated with targeted or specialized reviews. Manage to investor requirements of discretionary audits to surface any potential challenges with loan manufacturing defects, especially when loan approvals are complex.
  • Non-QM Review Services: We know that not all applicants or loan programs fit the traditional molds. We’re here to help detect variances in exception-based lending programs that require expertise deciphering atypical guidelines for acceptable non-traditional approvals.
  • Post-Closing Services: Our data validations, underwriting reviews and document due diligence will result in identifying deficiencies susceptible to eligibility, financial and compliance risk.

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