ICE EPC Integration

Announcing Xactus’ Integration with ICE Encompass Partner Connect Xactus’ flood zone determinations, credit reports, and other mortgage verifications integrations are now built on the latest Encompass Partner Connect™ API Platform and available through ICE Mortgage...

Pre-AppX vs. Pre-QualificationX

How to Master Pre-Approvals and Better Protect Your Pipeline Soft credit inquiries can help safeguard your pipeline. Understanding the difference between Xactus’ two pre-approval products, Pre-AppX and Pre-QualificationX, is the first step toward avoiding prospect...

Pre-AppX: Add Utility to Soft Credit Inquiries

Delay prospect triggers until later in the mortgage process with Xactus’ pre-approval soft credit inquiry reports. Watch this video and learn more about how we are meeting the dynamic needs of the industry.
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